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We help companies to grow revenue and profits by assessing business strategies, creating efficient processes and procedures, and aligning teams to optimize operational performance. We have orchestrated business transformation and organizational culture change across multiple industries to deliver revenue/profitable growth and develop and align staff to meet and surpass established business goals.

Strategic Development

We drive business results, including cash flow, profit management, and revenue growth, champion the development and communications of business strategies and execute priorities

Operational Excellence

We assess business processes, create efficient procedures and establish consistent standards throughout an organization to optimize operational performance

Leadership Development

We align teams, develop and motivate staff to meet and surpass established business goals

Casey Jones, MBA

Early in his career, Casey served as an Army Officer where he learned how to deal with complex problems and to develop leaders. Expanding on those skills has allowed him to orchestrate business transformation and organizational culture change across multiple industries to deliver revenue/profitable growth and develop and align staff to meet and surpass established business goals.

His broad management background across multiple industries within Fortune 50 environments provides a “big picture” market perspective and new, creative solutions to age-old business challenges.


I have used Casey’s skillsets numerous times in the development of our successful contract cleaning company.  Initially over 20+ years ago Casey mentored us in forming a mission statement that is still used to this day.  It helped give us strategic direction in what we were trying to accomplish as a company.  If you need someone that can grasp concepts quickly and then formulate strategic plans that will take your company to the next level then I strongly encourage you to retain Hannibal Strategic Consulting Group’s Consultation services.

Dennis Hempstead

President/ CEO, Clean World USA

I started numerous businesses prior to knowing Casey.  But, it was not until I worked as a Manager/Leader under his wings, in Corporate America, did I truly understand the meaning of getting results and turning a profit.  I have always been a go-getter and I had all the degrees and certifications to make me look the part.  However, I did not really understand how to use these tools effectively.  Casey ingrained in me that habit becomes routine and routine becomes discipline.  Because of this, I use specific tools and processes he taught me, on a daily basis, that allow me to stay focused.

Anthony F. Steen

President/ CEO, LMS Transport

Casey is a teacher, motivator and a great leader. I worked with Casey Jones for 2 years as an Area General Manager. Through his Knowledge and Leadership, Casey took our Company to great heights of improvement and set a path of expectations that we can readily follow. A top Executive with focus and knowledge, Casey is always willing to provide a teaching moment for our team’s development.

Vince Rowe

Area General Manager, Altaquip

At every interaction with Casey, I would always come out impressed with his ability to make complex situations into easy to understand, common sense solutions. He consistently follows up with leadership from start to finish to ensure execution.

Olga Lozano

President/ CEO, Interstate Home Services, Inc.

It is a rare occasion that you find a leader who can take several silo-based managers and transform them into a high performance work team. Casey is one of those leaders. By combining his expertise in Finance and Operations with progressive planning and leadership, Casey forged a team that successfully tackled many business challenges. He is a true leader.

Ed Brown

Director of Supply Chain, Altaquip


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